About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Neil Clauson and I am the head teacher at Forestdale Christian School. My wife, Kate, helps me as a teacher’s aide. Together, we are looking forward to another super-awesome year," educating for an eternity".

When I was in the 1st grade, the Adventist school I was attending at the time had to close its doors. I spent the rest of educational career in the public schools, eventually attending the University of Colorado where I met Kate. Sometimes, things in life have a way of coming full circle though. After a year of teaching in a public high school, an opportunity opened up for me to teach at an Adventist School in my home state of Connecticut. I spent the next 16 years at this school, Laurel Oaks, 10 of them as principal. I love teaching in an Adventist Christian setting because I can teach from my heart and share my faith and the things that really matter in life with the children. This is really why Adventist education is so effective: Christ is at its foundation.

Kate was not a Christian growing up, but Christ was working on her heart. She made the decision to become baptized while working on her Masters degree at Yale. God has brought her on a new path ever since. She was working as an architect for years, but each year donating a lot of her time to help out at Laurel Oaks where I was teaching. Eventually, she decided to leave architecture and work in education. She has worked as a secretary/teacher’s aide/art teacher/Home and School leader for 9 years.

We both have very strong hobbies. I am into trail running, cycling, and different forms of skiing. Kate is a world-class rockhound and loves knitting, woodworking, pottery, soap-making and just about any arts and crafts activity that you can think of. We both believe in a well-rounded life and a well-rounded education. We both sense God at work in the Forestdale community and are incredibly honored to be a part of this. You can be a part of this incredible community also. Please call 207-256-6140 or email me at mr.clauson@forestdalechristianschool.com to request a school tour or just to learn more about us. We are praying for you to be a part of our school family and love to meet new people!